The record label ENSAYO began its journey in Barcelona in 1968. Our first release was a magnificent

album of Russian chamber music, which at that time was almost unknown in our musical circles.

Throughout the ensuing years, the mainstay of our activity has been chamber and symphonic music, with a notable leaning towards composers and musicians with Latin roots. From time to time we have also crossed over and explored other genres (zarzuela, jazz…) where we have experienced very

gratifying moments. Our last recording, made in 2003, belongs to this select group.


From the very outset we had the incredible good fortune of working closely with renowned performers who took part in our projects with unending enthusiasm and commitment. Such a favorable situation, which exceeded our expectations, together with the logical consequences —reviews filled with generous accolades, national and international distinctions and awards— enhanced the visibility of a small company, ENSAYO, with ambitious projects but with modest—very modest—resources and expertise.


Over the past months we have focused our attention on recovering and remastering recordings, which, due to their quality and interest, can be considered “historic”. Today’s prodigious technical advances, which are in part responsible for the decline of the spirit of the recording industry that inspired the

second half of the last century, now admittedly serve to discretely improve the recordings without

altering their original intent. Consequently they are preserved in the best possible condition for the

future: whether for new and worthy public reeditions, or as a testimony of something that has occurred and that deserves to be remembered. That in itself is enough.


Antonio Armet